David Blackwell (enterlinemedia) wrote,
David Blackwell

The journal is back to active

I will be posting links to latest reviews and I may even do a few film essays here. 2016 has been a trying year as other things have been taking my attention while i have reviewing movies and shows on DVD and blu-ray (just not as much). I have published the first issue of my portfolio magazine, EMV, which highlights my photography, digital art, and writing:



art photography style magazine focusing on creative photos across various genre- issue 1 is the Gothic issue aka October Gothic

Find out more on MagCloud

I have decided it is time to redefine the web site which I started back in 2001 and make it stand out more. I have been wanting to focus more on interviews and essays, and I hope to do that in the future. I would also love to photograph the people who star, write, and make these movies and shows. More posts coming soon.
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