David Blackwell (enterlinemedia) wrote,
David Blackwell

A mini-marathon of James McAvoy films- reviews of WELCOME TO THE PUNCH and TRANCE


TRANCE Blu-ray review:

It was just by chance that the two movies I rented on last Tuesday happened to star James McAvoy. They both take place in the United Kingdom and using unique locations to up the production design. The characters he plays in both movies are inflicted by some type of psychological and/ or physical injury. In WELCOME THE PUNCH, he is a police detective suffering from a knee injury and is also psychologically scarred form his encounter from the criminal mastermind (Mark Strong) in the opening minutes of the movie. Then in TRANCE, he is Simon who suffers from amnesia after taking a blow to the head from the leader of the heist crew. You find his amnesia is very complex as he is always forgetting something else from his past. I liked McAvoy's cop better in WELCOME TO THE PUNCH than his thief in TRANCE which means he should play more good guys.
Tags: british crime drama, danny boyle, james mcavoy, mark strong, vincent cassel, welcome to the punch
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